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Pawpet dream...

crossposting from my LJ. It's relevant and kinda neat...

I usually have my biggest fandom dreams during con weekends. This one was a week late. The one thing I'm looking to do this year is make it down to Florida at some point to be a subservient on the Funday Pawpet Show since I won't be able to make any fur cons this year.

In yesterday's dream, I was there, but for some odd reason, had come down to observe and not to participate. Odd enough considering the trip for me will be 10-12 hours one way. I intend to make the trip over a weekend. Just go down, spend the night, do the show and come back. I moved back and forth between the rooms while the show was going on, but every time I moved, I found longer and bigger hallways separating the rooms. By the time of the dream was over, the house was as big as a studio with each room having become a unique set. At some point, in the middle of the dream, I had started dreaming in fursona (not in fursuit). I'm not sure when the transformation took place, but I frequently switch between forms (human, fursona and fursuit) and in my lucid moments have the power to will these changes. I have vague recollection of any of the conversations I had, but I seem to remember hearing I'd have to be in suit to do a subservience and being real didn't count. Seemed that, no matter what happened, I was just in limbo waiting for my turn.

Oh well...I guess I need to start working harder on my ability to lucid dream. I would have loved to have taken control of this one. It's kinda frustrating the way some dreams just sort of meander endlessly.

BTW, I haven't emailed yet for information on being on the show, but I should be soon (when I can nail down a date)...
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