Yappy Sly Fox (yappyfox) wrote in pawpet,
Yappy Sly Fox

Official FPS Program Schedule Changes

It is official now.. FPS will officially be switching to 6pm Eastern time beginning Jan 3.

Also with this change, I will no longer be able to broadcast Radio Lawn or Rapid T Rabbit or YapTV.

YapTv may still occur, briefly, but it won't have an official start time, much like it currently does not.

The show will still remain 4 hours, and I know this affects some shows after FPS that have occupied the time after FPS.

I don't know how long I will be stuck to this schedule, but I have exhausted all my options with pleas to whoever I could, but Unions suck, and that's all there is to it.

Sorry to those of you in Europe who now may not be able to watch cuz of the later schedule as well.. I really wish I could have avoided this, but. Bleah...
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