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Very First Original Hugh Puppet for Sale and other stuff...

Hugh Puppet For Sale

Yep, you read that correctly, the very first and up till this weekend's show current Hughbert T Manatee puppet is for sale!

Well, lets go back a little. A few weeks ago, I started thinking, I'd love to have a YouTube channel focusing on stuff I've done and Hugh and Poink; stuff I've hosted elsewhere, favorite Funday Show Bits, and my older standup stuff.  So, I created HughTube. And for the next few days, my email EXPLODED with people joining it. And as I thought about it, and played a little with video editing and such, I decided I really wanted to build this up, film stuff with Poink and Hugh that hasn't been seen anywhere, and really build up the PoinkCast brand. Hell, worked for Dane Cook, and he never used a puppet.

So, I started grabbing stuff and trying to put up one to two videos nightly. But I didn't just want to post stuff other folks have posted. So that's when I decided that I'd film my own stuff as well, and start using Twitter and building a Google Plus and working on Facebook as well. And I have a PoinkCast t-shirt coming as well. So I put together a list of stuff I'd need, and realized that if I did it all out of pocket it was going to take a while. So I posted it on FA and asked for donations. I also realized that the original Hugh puppet is getting very worn; he's been outfitted with propellers, a Green Lantern outfit, buggy eyes, tattoos, etc. And I tend to be very physical when I puppet, etc. And if I'm going to do interviews and such with him, such as say, let him go into a Taco Bell and order a Chalupa, I'd like him to look his best. So a fan sent me a new Hughbert puppet, and other then just looking new, he's spot on for Hugh. And I had promised to sell the old one.

So you now have a chance to own an original piece of Pawpet History, AND help out both the PoinkCast, HughTube, and one other special project. See, Rasvar left me a camcorder. And all of the Hi8 tapes for it. Which boils down to about 16 tapes of on location videos and celebrity interviews that were done for the show, and I'm sure bloopers and other stuff. So I'll be also getting an editing setup to get these to digital for posting to HughTube and to Yappy to run on the show.

This post on FA will give more info on the materials I'm getting. :FA Post
And if you don't want to bid, but you'd like to donate to the cause, you can do so at my website here: PoinkCast
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